IMG_4192Congratulations, baby is here!  You’ve given birth and the hard part is over. If you’re reading this and you have a baby already, you probably know this isn’t really the case. I find myself spending a lot time talking with clients and mamas-to-be about the postpartum period.  In my personal experience and my experience as a doula, I have found that it’s hard to wrap our heads around what life will be like after our baby is born.  It’s truly one of those things that falls into that cliche: you really can’t understand it until you’ve done it.  There’s no doubt that preparation during pregnancy can be helpful.  If you have done some postpartum planning and have put some effort into intentionally building a support network for your postpartum days, your transition will be a bit smoother.  If you find yourself blindsided a bit, even with the planning you’ve done, I’m here to remind you that you’re normal and it’s OK.  Try not to let it paralyze you.  Ask for help, find other new moms to connect with, and keep looking until you find what works.

We’re fortunate to live on the Seacoast of New Hampshire where there are plenty of excellent options for new moms to join together, support one another, and find support for their postpartum days.  Here’s your weekly roundup:

Postpartum Groups for New Moms on the Seacoast of NH

Monday: New Parent Support Group at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital in Dover from 1:30-3PM

Tuesday: Breastfeeding Support Group at Exeter Hospital in Exeter from 11:00AM-12:30PM for babies 2 months and older and 1:30-2:30PM for newborns – 2 months.

Wednesday: Parent and Baby Group at Exeter Hospital in Exeter from 11am-12:15pm

2nd Thursday of the month: Seacoast Area La Leche League meeting in Dover from 10:30-11:30AM

Friday: New Mama Mornings (starting July 10) with me at Monkey Treasures in Dover from 10-11:30AM

Herbal bath pouches to support your self-care routine

Herbal bath pouches to support your self-care routine

More about New Mama Mornings in Dover, NH

New Mama Mornings are born out of my work with New Mama Project. Our dominant culture doesn’t create enough safe space and time for true, authentic conversations about the challenges of early motherhood and I created New Mama Project to help address this. It’s so important that moms can talk about the challenges of adjusting to life with a new baby and hear that they’re not alone. In addition, it’s important that they have access to tools and support for building their social support networks and practicing good self-care. We will address all of this during New Mama Mornings. If you want to get started building these two important pillars of postpartum wellness, head over to the site at the link above and download our free resources. I really hope to see you on Fridays, starting July 10.