Now that we’ve established that birth doulas are beneficial for all types of birthing parents, I’d love to share some of the many ways hiring a birth doula can be beneficial.

Reasons to Hire a Doula

Pre-birth planning to relieve stress and fear:
Doulas typically meet with you at least twice during pregnancy. Whether you need help finding more information about interventions, assistance fleshing out your birth vision, a sympathetic ear to listen to your concerns and challenges, or ideas about different labor coping techniques, a doula will be there. You and your doula will feel comfortable with each other by the time your doula joins you at your birth and you’ll be a team working towards a common goal.
An environment that allows you to relax and focus.
A doula will help you create the intimate environment in which birth can progress best. Doulas use music, lighting, sensitive crowd control, nourishment, and anything else you hope to add to your birthing space to feel safe and strong. If you’re birthing in a hospital, doulas have experience taking a sterile hospital room and turning it into a comfortable birthing suite.
A more comfortable and easy birth.
Doulas have knowledge and experience with positions and techniques that can allow your labor to progress unhindered. Doulas are experts in physical and emotional support for laboring parents and their partners.
Confidence to be flexible in the moment.
I often say that birth is a mystery because when allowed to unfold, it will take its own course. This doesn’t mean that you can’t still be in control of the decision-making process. As a doula, I make sure that birthing families receive as much information as they want in order to make the best choice for them. No matter what happens during your birth, you will have continuous support from your doula.
100% support from start to finish.
Your doula is free to be with you for the entire birth process. A doula is not responsible for your medical care (or anybody else’s medical care at the same time) and can focus their undivided attention on you.
A helpful, confident partner.
In my experience, partners have the amazing ability to perform well under pressure. For many partners, this is the first time being a part of the birthing process and the families that have hired me report relief after having a doula to provide suggestions and reassurance throughout the labor and delivery. As part of your team, a doula will support your partner to play whatever role you are both hoping for.
Postpartum follow-up that gets you off to the best possible start.
Being a new parent is joyful, but it can also be overwhelming. During your postpartum visit, your doula can answer questions that you have (and there may be many!) and help remind you that the thoughts and feelings you’re having about this life transition are normal. A great doula will also tune into any signs that you might be experiencing a postpartum mood disorder and point you in the direction of support. Doulas can also help you in your effort towards establishing a lasting breastfeeding relationship with your baby.

I have been in your place. I understand the anxiety, hopes, and dreams surrounding the birth of your first child. And I understand the journey towards a better second birthing experience. The experiences of birthing my three children have transformed me and they greatly inform my work as a doula. I wondered if I could do it. Could I have a birthing experience that left me feeling confident, trusted, and strong? You might be wondering the same thing. That’s where a birth doula comes in.  A doula can help you experience your best birth.