I’ve decided to share this book with you because it’s been such a powerful tool in my doula work. If any one the following apply to you, this book is for you!

“I want my clients to have the best experience possible with me.”

I’ve been using this book with my clients for 4 years now and it’s been such a valuable tool for them and for my business.  My clients love the concrete information it provides and say that it has truly helped them feel more prepared for birth and parenthood.  

“How can I fit everything into prenatals with my clients?  What should we spend our time on?”

I’ve loved using it because it provides so much useful information that my clients can engage with at their own pace.  I’ve found that it frees up my time with them during prenatals to do the deeper work of getting to know them well, becoming truly comfortable with one another, and intimately familiar with what their goals and priorities for their birth and postpartum experience.  

“Why would I buy this book if I can’t even find clients to hire me?”

This book has helped me attract clients and book clients.  I have it prominently placed on my website and my “free consultation” page reminds people that, if they hire me, they will get their own free copy.  It’s really set me apart and I love that I’m providing something unique and useful to the people that trust me enough to hire me.

What’s included in the purchase?

Your purchase allows unlimited use of this book with your clients for the rest of time!  I am so confident that it will enrich your practice and help you provide your clients with an incredible experience.  You’ll get:

  • The complete book
  • A short PDF sample you can offer potential clients to get them excited about working with you
  • An image you can use on your website to showcase the offering