Will this baby ever be born?

Maybe you’re so ready to meet your baby.  Maybe you’re apprehensive about giving birth or becoming a parent.  Maybe you’re just over being pregnant and cannot wait to sleep on your belly again. Regardless of exactly how you’re feeling, that last month of pregnancy is pretty intense.  There are so many unknowns, not the least of which is when the baby will actually be born. Will you go into labor tomorrow?  Or three weeks from now? If only the universe was more forthcoming with this information!

Your Survival Guide to the Rescue!

This e-book will give you something concrete to do each day.  The different exercises will encourage you to read, write, make, learn, reach out to friends and family, and plan for what’s to come.  As you move through the book, you’ll focus time and energy on preparing for birth and postpartum, building your confidence, nourishing yourself, and bonding with your baby.  Not only will the book help you fill your time in meaningful ways, but you’ll also head into your birth, postpartum, and parenthood experience more prepared, more confident, and ready to roll with whatever path this journey takes you on.