Welcome Taylor Davis Doula Services clients!

I know it can be hard to sift through all of the available information out there for pregnant families. I’ve compiled some of my very favorite ones here for you. You’ll also find important information that we will use during our prenatal meetings and details about contacting me when you’re in labor. Don’t forget to check my Pinterest boards for other web resources too (not just for clients)! For each of the sections below, you’ll need your password.

The Longest Month of Pregnancy: Your 30-day Survival Guide

You’ll get a copy of the book at our first prenatal. You can find a PDF here and might find it especially helpful for following permalinks.


Useful information for different stages of pregnancy, optimal fetal positioning, and induction.

Your Rights and Critical Decision-Making

Your rights as a pregnant person and parent and strategies for communicating with care providers and making critical decisions during pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum.

Labor & Birth

Information about early labor and tools and comfort measures for all stages of labor and birth.

Prenatals & Contact Info

Resources we’ll use during prenatal meetings and details on how and when to contact me when you’re in labor.


Newborn Care

Information on decisions you’ll face immediately after birth and caring for your newborn and infant.


Resources for postpartum recovery and wellness.


Breastfeeding information and encouragement.