VBAC for Doulas: A Workshop

Knowledge, skills, and support to help you support VBAC families with confidence

Are you overwhelmed and uncertain about supporting VBAC clients?

Understanding the evidence behind VBAC and repeat cesarean and feeling confident helping your clients navigate this unique journey is important. As a doula, doula trainer, and VBAC mom myself, I have spent years learning as much as possible about VBAC and working with dozens of VBAC families. I want to share this with you because your clients need you.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn the history and evidence on VBAC and repeat cesarean and understand myths vs. facts
  • Learn how to get the 411 on VBAC options in your area build tools for navigating local hospital VBAC policies
  • Learn ideas for attracting VBAC clients to your services
  • Understand how to help clients assess provider fit and support them to switch providers if necessary
  • Learn tips for prenatal visits with VBAC clients
  • Learn how to help VBAC clients create their VBAC birth plan or VBAC birth preferences list
  • Understand common sticking points for VBAC hopefuls and how to help them through those challenges
  • Understand how to help VBAC clients navigate due dates and induction
  • Learn ideal labor support for VBAC families
  • Understand options for family-centered cesarean birth and learn how to prepare your VBAC clients for the possibility of a repeat cesarean
  • Have time for asking questions and discussion with other participants

Don’t forget about the goodies!  You will receive an e-workbook just before the workshop and some handouts to use with your VBAC clients.  You’ll also get a seal for your website upon workshop completion.

The Details

Thursday, September 3, 4pm-7pm EST online


Workshop Participants are Saying…

Taylor Davis’ VBAC Workshop for Doulas was exactly what I needed.  I have been searching for a VBAC Workshop since I certified as a doula years prior, as there are always VBAC client inquiries.  I feel better equipped with the evidence based information presented by Taylor.  Confidence is everything when attracting doula clients, and I gained just that!  Thank you!

Doula Odessa Bates, MA, CD, CPD, CPES, 2020

I am so pleased Taylor offered this workshop to doulas –  it was incredibly informative. It is very apparent how much time and effort went into creating the workshop and personally I would sign up for any workshop Taylor offers because she really delivers and creates such a warm and open space to learn from. So grateful!

Kassie Leachman, She/Her, Trained Doula, 2020

I have been a doula for two years, and have attended a handful of births. My educational goal now is to attend more specific and targeted workshops on different aspects of doula work. Taylor’s VBAC for Doulas workshop was a great way to kick off this next phase of learning and professional development. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is looking for more information and education as they grow their doula practice. If this class was a fancy restaurant I’d give it 5 stars!

Emma Dolan CD(DONA), CCCE

As a new doula, this workshop was invaluable in helping me feel prepared and confident in supporting families through VBAC. Taylor managed to cover all the bases thoroughly in the time we spent together, and equipped all of us with some amazing evidence-based practices and information. All of these felt like concrete tools that I can be ready to pull at as needed when I’m supporting and advocating for my clients. Taylor’s passion for this area of practice is evident in the care that she took in developing and delivering this workshop. Thank you so much!

Emily Stegweit, Certifying Full-Spectrum Doula DTI, 2020

Taylor’s VBAC Clients are Saying…

I had moved since having my first daughter and and was really struggling with finding a care provider that truly supported my wish to have a VBAC. After each appointment with a new OB/Midwife, Taylor was a great sounding board that really helped me sort out which provider was the best fit for me and my birth wishes. I had only known Taylor for a few months but knowing that she had personally experienced both a Cesarean and a VBAC, it was like she was my oldest friend that I could completely be truthful with about not only my birth wishes, but my fears as well. Her emotional support during my pregnancy was invaluable. Throughout my pregnancy, labor and delivery she was a true advocate for helping me achieve the birth that I felt I had missed out on with my first daughter.  I’m happy to say that I had an amazing VBAC with zero medication or interventions. I am truly thankful for Taylor and the major role she played in helping me achieve the birth that was both the best for my baby, but for me as well! I highly recommend Taylor and wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again for future pregnancies.

Erin, 2014

My partner and I were conflicted with having a repeat c-section or a VBAC. We leaned on Taylor’s experience and knowledge in the space to help us evaluate the risks, evaluate some fears with better knowledge, and feel more confident in our decision and preparation for a successful VBAC.  What really stands out is Taylor’s knowledge in this space.  Not only did she have knowledge based on experience as a mother of three and a doula, but she backed her answers with data, reports, and studies, that were reassuring to us data nerds.   It was so valuable that she educated us on our options, the risks and the rewards.

Stephanie, 2019

Taylor Davis

Taylor Davis


Supporting families as they embark on their VBAC journeys is one of my favorites parts of being a doula.  But I’ve met many doulas who feel uncertain about providing excellent VBAC support.  As a VBAC mom, certified birth doula, doula trainer, childbirth educator,  ICAN leader, and VBAC mentor, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience that I bring to my work with VBAC families.  I’ve created this workshop to share that knowledge with doulas because VBAC families need you and I want you to be prepared and confident.

“We really profited from Taylor’s VBAC workshop because we learned useful statistics and evidenced based information, but also because Taylor is innately empathetic.  We felt that she was able to hear us, and tailor her content for our needs.  She wasn’t trying to push any agenda, but rather give us the support and information that we needed to move forward in the VBAC process that was right for us.  Taylor is definitely the right advocate to have on your side!” – Sarah & Michal