Are you curious about what a birth doula can offer you?  Maybe you’ve heard of doulas, and think it’s a nice idea, but probably not necessary.  Or maybe you think doulas are right for some people, but just not your thing.  The truth is, birth doulas are for everyone.


Who can birth doulas help?

First-time birthing parents: Maybe you’ve never done this before and don’t know what to expect. The unknown can be scary. A birth doula can help you as you navigate this experience for the first time in your life.

Second-, third, and fourth-time birthing parents, etc.: Maybe this isn’t your first birth, but you just know that you want a support team who fully trusts you and trusts the process of birth. A birth doula can help by working with you and the rest of your team to create your perfect birthing environment; one that will allow you to tune into your instincts and labor with confidence.

Second-, third-, and fourth-time parents, etc. who want a different experience than last time: Maybe you have given birth already, but want a different experience this time. Perhaps you doubt that it’s possible for you to have a positive birth story to tell. A birth doula can help you work through your previous birthing experience(s), and make a plan to draw on them to build your confidence and trust for this upcoming birth.

Birthing parents who plan to go with the flow: Don’t have a very strong or clear vision for your birthing preferences?  That’s OK!  You’ll still benefit from doula support during your pregnancy and during the precious moments of your birth.  A doula can help answer questions, clarify a birth vision if you wish, or support you physically and emotionally as you go with the flow.

Stephanie's Postpartum Story3Birthing parents planning to use an epidural: A good birth doula supports all types of birth plans. If medical pain management is your plan, a doula can support you by providing you with information about your options and creating an optimal birthing environment in your hospital room.

Birthing parents planning an unmedicated birth: Birth doulas are experts on coping techniques and we have a plethora of tools and ideas to help you during your birth experience. From breathing techniques, to optimal positioning, to physical comfort measures, we’re there and ready to see you through until the moment your baby is in your arms.

Parents birthing via cesarean: Birth doulas are an invaluable resource during a cesarean birth. We help you plan for a compassionate, family-centered cesarean during your pregnancy, join you at the hospital and help you prepare for the birth in the moments before, support your partner before he or she can enter the room to be with you, and in many cases sit at your side during the birth. We are also instrumental in helping to facilitate skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth and providing emotional support during recovery.

Families of all different sexual orientations, gender identities, and marital statuses: Families come in so many varied forms and I support them all.

As a birth doula, I’ve supported families in so many of the above categories. And I can confidently say that each family has been so grateful for the support I’ve offered. It’s truly an honor to support all types of families and all different birth experiences. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to talk more about your unique situation and how I can best support you and your family!